Tricks For Successful Online Craps

Online Craps Tips

Some Tips And Tricks For Successful Online Craps

 We close with the detailed explanations and make a list of Tips and suggestions to win more and more often at craps on the web.

Learn The Principles Of The Dice Game Well

The game of Craps seems in fact quite simple to understand. And in a sense it is, at least to begin with. But in order to play it well, you have to distinguish between some important rules and strategies. Read this tutorial thoroughly before taking a seat at the online casino craps table. This will certainly facilitate your task of fully understanding which are the best craps bets and specific bets to avoid depending on the house edge.

Choose The Best Bets

Simply start with the Pass Line and try to bet on that. Staying on the most sustainable bets will allow you to enjoy the game for longer with a 1.41% edge. This in turn will allow you to get used to different winning strategies and try them out later. However, start with the best bets you can place on craps – if you don’t win that much at least you will lose less.

Take Advantage Of The Odds In Any Case

We have already seen how various Odds work as side bets. This enables you to place free and additional bets once the shooter has established some points. This type of bet remains the best that can be tried in online and land craps, especially considering the fact that it does not involve an advantage for the house.

An optimal online Craps strategy certainly includes placing these “free” bets. Some casinos also offer the option to bet twice as much as the traditional odds bet. Always and in any case, try to understand the Odds and exploit them properly.

Try Two Come Bets With A Pass Line

We have already seen why Come / Don’t Come bets – as well as Pass / Don’t Pass bets – are among the most sustainable and certainly to be placed more frequently if you want to win well and often at craps on the net.

Another great strategy for online craps betting would result in the player placing an additional bet (after the initial Come bets) on the Pass line.Many craps experts have always emphasized this almost ideal type of bet to try at any time. Place another bet when you hit a win, so you always have three active bets in your favor.

Avoid Certain (Bad) Bets

Online Craps game offers basically one of the lowest house perks out there in the world of online casino games . However, you may stumble yourself on bets placed with a high margin and absolutely to be avoided. Forget the Big 6 and Big 8 bets as the house edge is already 9.1%. Always choose bets with lower edge for the operator in order to get some advantage from yours too.

Stay Away From Proposition Bets

The worst strategy in online and land craps undoubtedly also bets on Proposition Bets. Often solved with a single roll of the dice, they may be exciting for certain players and have their own interesting odds and payouts. However, we strongly advise you to avoid them as the casino edge is typically quite large.

Also avoid Hard 4 and 10

Hard 4 and Hard 10 are always highlighted as useless bets as they have a house edge of around 11%. With payouts of 7 to 1 they might seem tempting but the chances of seeing two 2 or 5 a pair come out is relatively low.

Roulette Variations

Main Variations Of Roulette On The Web

The rapid development of technological means and the revolution of foreign legal online casinos has led to healthy competition between the casino software providers who today produce a whole series of versions of gaming titles in web casinos. Here’s why we gamers today have many choices and so many variations available even of the same game types.

Similarly, there are many variations of the popular and beloved Roulette that we have encountered online and we bring them here to help you in your choice.

The French

Not to be confused with the European! This version of classic Roulette was introduced to give some variety to the game that had already received a great deal of reception by the French since the French Revolution. With almost the same rules as European Roulette, the game offers some peculiarities of its own.

It is distinguished above all by two fundamental rules, which apply in the case of the number 0: “In prison” and “Partage” that we have already recommended.

The Partage, on the other hand, that is the partition, is still triggered with the Zero. In this case, however, the loss of those who did not bet on 0 is simply divided in half with the bank.

The American

Roulette is a typically European game, even in the days of the great growth of secure and regulated online casinos. But the passion has spread both through expats and by acquiring new fans around the world, including America.

The American Roulette instead is characterized by a big difference compared to the French model. We have two green squares on the green game tablecloth, marked with Zero and Double Zero (00). Of course, this difference lowers the winning percentage possible for players and favors the House.

The Mini-Roulette

Online Mini Roulette can be found in some casinos that offer Playtech game software. Based on a smaller number series, it is performed using a smaller wheel than the traditional one. This Roulette variant is found exclusively on the net and has only 13 numbers (0 to 12) with a casino advantage of approximately 7.69% and the same rules as European roulette.

Obviously the game offer was created for all those players who are always in a hurry but do not want to give up the pleasure of a quick session of the game on the fly.

Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is a progressive online Roulette that guarantees players that they can win much more money in the same amount of time than the standard versions of the game. Online Royale has the characteristics of American Roulette that we find on the net, and therefore has the house advantage increased to 7.69% (for the double 00 speech). However, the chance to win an additional Progressive Jackpot makes it one of the most attractive Roulette to play.

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro is a product developed especially by the software provider NetEnt and is presented as a very valid alternative to classic online roulette. The wheel has two Zeros (like in American online Roulette), but the game comes with a series of additional and progressively more complex features but absolutely not to be missed for those who feel like a true professional!